Agenda and Minutes of Public Meeting

Special Motion to include Termeil at the meeting dated 28 February 2021, this motion seeks the Community's agreement to formalising that agreement by the completion of the necessary Department of Fair Trading forms to a) change the title of the Committee to Bawley Point, Kioloa and Termeil Community Association both amending the Constitution and Certificate […]

BlazeAid- Further meeting to discuss its location on Kioloa Oval – Postponed

Community Hall Kioloa

BlazeAid key people were not able to attend the proposed meeting on 23 May 2021 but have noted there is still more consultation to be achieved with the Community before the BlazeAid's occupation of Kioloa Oval/Bush reserve can proceed. BPKCA will continue to work with Council/BlazeAid to schedule a community meeting to resolve all outstanding […]